It’s Time for Penny Wars!

3rd Annual Bells Ferry Penny Wars Monday,  November 10th – Friday, November 14th from 7:15 – 7:50 am in the lobby.

2nd grade has won two years in a row!  Will their strategy work again this year?

Which grade will REIGN for the 2014 – 2015 school year & bring in the most money for Bells Ferry PTA and the students?

Rules are simple:
For every penny and bill donated, you get positive points for the value of the penny or bill.  (Every penny adds 1 point; Every $1 bill adds 100 points; Every $5 bill adds 500 points, and so forth).

Every coin other than a penny gets negative points.  So a nickel would be worth negative 5 points; a dime would be negative 10 points, and a quarter would be negative 25 points.  You can even put in a $1 coin to get negative 100 points.  Can you see how this can be used to your advantage?  To spell it out, if you put coins other than pennies in the other grade bottles, you will cause their point value to go down. Cha-ching for your grade… but watch out, they may be doing the same to you.

Stop by the front lobby/hallway in the morning between 7:15am – 7:50am from Monday, November 10th until Friday, November 14th to make your play.  Scoreboards will be updated daily to see which grade is in the lead.

Let the Games Begin!!! The winning grade will get a hot cocoa and popcorn recess celebration along with the bragging rights.


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